I’m Kind of Jealous

Confession: I’m kind of jealous of the people visiting Walt Disney World during the pandemic.

Yeah, I know that there’s a virus going around and I understand the risk and all of that. I did cancel my November trip to Disney World because I want to keep my mother and my sons safe, but when I see the super low wait times for the attractions, I wish I could be there.

Depending on the day, the wait times for many of the rides is so low that some people have posted on social media about riding things like Flight of Passage in Disney’s Animal Kingdom multiple times in a row. I even saw a few people who were able to get to a park and ride everything they wanted to ride in record time.

It sounds amazing. I don’t know how things are going to progress but I can only assume by the time I decide to go back to Disney World that these low wait times will be no more. I guess only time will tell. °O°


One comment

  1. I get it. Since we are DVC, we are headed there in early October. We are a little anxious but used to wearing our masks. I also have no problems leaving the parks if I feel at any point like the protocols aren’t good enough. Time will tell what happens headed into the fall season. Love reading all your posts! They keep me excited about getting to go in October.

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