It’s Official- No Disney For Me in 2020

Welp…I did it. I canceled our November room reservation for the trip we planned to take to Walt Disney World. That makes three trips that I had planned for 2020 that ultimately ended up being canceled because of the pandemic. If none of the virus chaos had occurred, I would have gone in April, June, and then November.

Back in April when the first trip was canceled, I really had hoped that we would be able to just delay that trip until July. In fact, I originally just changed it from April to the beginning of July but then we realized that Disney World wasn’t going to be open by then. My June trip had already been changed from March before I had to cancel that one too. The April trip was going to be my cousin, her wife, and me, while the June trip was for my kids, my mom, and me.

I had already planned to go in November since my son and I were going to do a 5k in the runDisney Wine and Dine race weekend. After talking to everyone, we decided to get a bigger room and all six of us go in November together. By then I also added my aunt and one of my best friends to make it a party of eight. Again, I really hoped things would be better by November so that the trip could happen. I know it’s only August, but I’m just not confident that this will be the case and it’s not worth risking anyone’s health to go ahead with the trip.

It’s been a while since I’ve gone more than a year without going to Disney World but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal to not go on this trip. As far as my cousin (she hasn’t been to Disney World since she was a little kid) and her wife (who has never been), it’s a much better idea to wait until things are back to being more normal. I feel like the restrictions and limitations of the parks right now would cause them to miss out on a lot of things they wanted to do and see. The rest of us are less concerned about the limited attractions and all but no one really wanted to walk around the parks with masks on, so we’re happy to wait until next year and hope we can get back to not having to wear a mask constantly.

The last time that I had to cancel a trip and not go at all was in 2010 when the owner of the business where I worked decided to close the studio so, I was out of a job. There was only a couple of months between the last day of my job and the trip I had already paid for and I knew I would need to use that money for bills while I looked for a new job. Back then, I was sooooo upset about canceling that trip. I thought my kids were going to be so sad that we weren’t going, but they were just like, “Ok…can we go play outside now?” And then I was upset that they didn’t care. Oh, wow…how times have changed.

I wasn’t upset having to cancel this November trip. Of course I wish I could still go but I’ll make plans to go next year. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work during the quarantine since I was already working from home full time before all of this anyway, and that means that my vacation fund hasn’t been as affected. As a matter of fact, this might be a good thing that has transpired because in the midst of all of this, I sat down and took a look at buying DVC resale. I can’t wait to talk about that….tomorrow. 😀 °O°


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