“There Are Other Places to Go Besides Disney World”

If you’re someone who visits Walt Disney World or even Disneyland often, as in, for almost every vacation, then you have likely had someone say something to you about it. I’ve had coworkers, friends, family, and even strangers on social media say exactly or any variation of “You know, there are other places to vacation besides Disney.”

In the early days, I’d show my annoyance at these statements and start defending my choice as if any of these people were providing me the money for my Disney World trip. I don’t know if I just got used to people regularly saying things like this to me or if I just finally realized that it didn’t matter what anyone else thought about my vacations, but I got to the point where I’d smile and basically say that there was no other place I wanted to go just yet.

It’s actually rather humorous to hear people be so bothered by me going back to Disney World year after year. I even had one person (a stranger to me on a social media channel) accuse me of making my husband work several jobs to support my Disney addiction and asked if this is what the average housewife did. My favorite part of this is that I am not and have never been married and no one worked more than one job (but me) to cover my Disney trips. But, if anyone chooses to work extra in order to enjoy a vacation for themselves or their family to Disney World or anywhere else, good on them!

I also get asked a lot why would I keep going back to the same place for vacation since it’s (supposedly) the same thing over and over. But I have friends and family and other people I’ve worked with or known who go skiing every year, go hunting every season, hit the Las Vegas strip once a year, go camping or go to the same lake house or cabin every year. I’m not sure how my trips to Disney World are any different and why if seems to bother some people. Everyone can spend their money and vacation time how ever they want.

There are definitely some other places that I’ve been for vacation and some that I still want to visit eventually, but for now I’ll continue to go to Disney World as long as it’s still a place that I love to go to for my vacations. I certainly won’t be changing my plans because someone else thinks it’s a bad idea. At least I know not to invite them. 😉 °O°


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