I’m Jealous


It’s funny. I’ve always seen people running along the streets of the town and nearby city where I’ve lived for years and years. I never cared, or rather I never had any discernible emotions when I’d see runners moving on down the sidewalks, across the intersections, along trails or on the shoulders of the access roads. But now that I’ve come to enjoy the challenge and benefits of running, I see these runners in a new light. And I’m jealous.

Yeah, that’s right. I see people running along streets and such and I sigh. It’s one of those daydreamy, envious, longing sighs that would be best followed by me smashing my face and the palms of my hands against my car window and sobbing uncontrollably. Ok, that escalated quickly and I suppose that would be a bit excessive, but you get my point.

So, what was I saying? Oh yeah, face smashing and sighing…. The reason I have been getting jealous when I see people running while I’m driving around town is because they are running….around town! I’ve been running at the track behind the local high school for all of these months, and quite frankly, I’m just about bored with it. On the one hand, it’s safer than the couple of routes I tried out once before (which involved dogs of various breeds and sizes chasing me because people apparently think their pets need no boundaries). On the other hand, when I’m going distances over 3 miles I start to go crazy from the redundancy of the laps. Sometimes I almost convince myself that I’ll cut my run/walk short based on the fact that I am getting tired of seeing the same things over and over….and over…and over. :/

A client of the clinic I work at runs and he told me I should try his route. I’m considering it, but his route passes the cemetery. I’ve got issues with cemeteries, so I’ve either gotta suck it up and get over it or figure out how to re-calculate that route so that it doesn’t include the 1/2 mile next to the cemetery. I really thought I’d be fine with running strictly at the track, but I’m starting to feel like I need to branch out and be free like the townsfolk! Wow…I really just said “townsfolk.” Hee hee

On a side note: The Expedition Everest Challenge is less than 3 weeks away! I’m super excited and I’ll be checking a couple of items off of my Disney Bucket list! It will be my first runDisney event and it will also be my first solo trip to Walt Disney World! I can’t wait!

See Ya Real Soon!


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