My Disney World Pet Peeve


Let’s face it…everyone has at least one pet peeve. You know, that thing that someone does that makes you want to pull out your own eyelashes, coat them with lemon juice soaked glitter, and shove them into the eyes of the person committing the offense. Or is that just me?? Either way, pet peeves can drive you crazy! I just realized today that one of my biggest pet peeves is Disney related.

There are tons of things that people do at Disney World that make others make like Mr. Potato Head and put their angry eyes on, but the one thing that always makes me get my lemon juice glitter ready is when people expect some kind of extra pixie dusted magical moment during their trip. More specifically, I don’t like when people expect these moments and say how bad their trip was because the extra magic didn’t happen. Maybe this is one of the times where social networks cause more harm than good. People post about random events that created above and beyond special moments during their Walt Disney World trips, and after a while enough people have had these moments occur that others expect it to happen to them too. What gets to me though is when they say something like, “I wasn’t impressed with our Disney World trip. We were there 5 days and didn’t get one towel animal!” What the….???  :/

I’ll admit, I’ve posted in various places about the few times some cast member did a little something to make us smile and feel the magic even more, but I’ve never expected anything extra to happen to make my trip “more magical.” The fact that I’m able to make it to Disney World so often is magic enough for me! Have I read one too many “My vacation wasn’t extra magical enough” post today? Yep. Am I sorry that I’m complaining about it? Nope.

If you happen to be a person who gets all sad sacky cuz you didn’t get picked as the Family of the Day at Magic Kingdom, or because a cast member didn’t randomly give your kid a free balloon…please realize that visiting The Most Magical Place on Earth is it’s own reward! And if you happen to be a person who’s pet peeve is people complaining about frivolous pet peeves….well, you just keep your lemon juice soaked glitter coated eyelashes away from my eyes!

See Ya Real Soon!


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  1. I never knew people expected a little something more. Who knew? Back in 2010 my spouse and I was randomly selected to be part of the daily parade at Animal Kingdom. Loved every minute of it, but would never think or expect it would ever occur again. Was pretty fun and a magical memory.

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