Much Ado About MagicBands


Maybe it’s because I’m stubborn…and old enough to be set in my ways. Maybe it’s because I have a pretty decent touring plan that works well for us. Maybe it’s because I’m secretly jealous that I couldn’t have a trip planned during the testing period so that I could be chosen to be part of the testing….but for some reason I’m just all “meh” about the new MagicBands at Walt Disney World.

Let me just say that I’ve never been a fan of having to wear a wristband at a theme park, or anywhere, for that matter. And in recent years I’ve ditched wearing a watch. You’ll be hard pressed to see me wearing a bracelet, and when I do wear one I fidget with it constantly. So when the whole MagicBand hoopla first began I was less than impressed. One of my first thoughts was, “Crap, those will leave funky tan lines.” And since I know my kids are a lot like me, I also thought, “I’m gonna have to keep up with 3 bands….ugh.” And did I mention the tan line? :/

This is what I want to avoid!
This is what I want to avoid!

On the bright side, the MagicBand system in conjunction with the account seems like a total win for Disney Addicts like me who love to plan, plan and plan the heck outta their Disney World vacations. For others who aren’t all about planning every detail of their holiday, this seems like a total pain in the right butt cheek. I’ve read several people’s accounts of how their MagicBand testing experience went, and really the thing I’m worried about now is FastPasses, or more specifically, FastPass+. And since I’m planning at least 3 trips to Disney World in 2014 (and therefore getting an Annual Pass), I’m finding myself more concerned with how all of these changes will hinder annual passholders. Really, it’s just like anything…some people are gonna love it and others are gonna hate everything about it!

I’m sure everything will be fine. But I’m one of those people who isn’t convinced that MagicBands are gonna be a life changing addition to my Walt Disney World vacations. Only time will tell whether or not they can make a believer outta me. Until then, I’m content with my own brand of obsessive Disney vacation planning and I’ll keep cringing at the thought of having a MagicBand tan line at the end of each trip. (Yes y’all….the tan line is a mighty big deal to me!!)

See Ya Real Soon!


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