From Dreams to Reality

Over the past several weeks, I turned those lemons that I mentioned in my previous post into a lot of lemonade, pies, cakes, and well, you get the idea. The bottom line is that I took what seemed like negative moments that life gave me and made it into something  positive!

I found a job that I not only enjoy, but that is less than 5 minutes away from home! I’m saving so much on gas and I don’t have the 25 minute commute anymore. I finally stopped making excuses and changed my eating and exercise habits so that I can lose weight. I’ve lost 11 pounds over the past 4 weeks! Woo hoo! And, thanks to Lesley Carter’s blog Bucket List Productions (and her Facebook page), I’ve been inspired to make my dream life a reality! I already have both Disney and non-Disney experiences and trips planned. I am so excited! Thanks for being such an inspiration Lesley! 🙂

My new job gives me a week of vacation after only 6 months, so my yearly May/June Walt Disney World trip is on! I’m so glad to be planning my own trip now as opposed to planning the trips for my friends and family! While I was planning this weekend, I got side tracked by some of my old Disney World photos from as far back as 1986. Then I searched and found a thread where others posted their old photos from their trips as far back as 1971! This morning I saw that Disney Parks Blog posted some Then and Now pictures of Epcot (in honor of Epcot’s 30th Anniversary which was last week). The pictures really made me smile and brought back great memories. Something about it all just encourages me even more to make my dreams into reality!!

Well, here’s hoping everyone finds something to make you smile on this marvelous Monday!

See Ya Real Soon!



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