Do You Remember…Hydrolators

I follow on Twitter (@wdwfacts). That’s actually one of my favorite Disney Related sites to follow because they always tweet fun trivia and Walt Disney World photos. Yesterday, the trivia question asked in what attraction was the Hydrolator found. In case you don’t know the answer, the Hydrolators were at The Living Seas-which is now The Seas with Nemo and Friends. I loved the Hydrolators! I remember the first time I went on them (I was maybe 11 or so) and I was in awe because for a few minutes I thought we might actually be going down below ground into the ocean below Florida! I figured out pretty quickly this wasn’t really the case when my ears weren’t popping or anything that I’d prepared myself to feel, but I was still mesmerized none the less. Disney just knows how to wow you! There are different sites that discuss Hydrolators if you do a Google search, but I happen to like this YouTube video that shows a lot of The Living Seas attraction. You can click HERE to see it!
My oldest son said he kind of remembers riding in the Hydrolator, but my youngest was 2 when we last went on The Living Seas so he doesn’t remember the Hydrolator at all! Is it weird that I get sad that my kids never got to ride or don’t remember some of the attractions that are now gone? Uhhh, that was more like a rhetorical question actually. No, it’s not weird! 😀

Ok, well I’ve got to watch some Disney World ride through videos on YouTube now…you know, to console myself for not being able to take my December WDW trip as originally planned.

See Ya Real Soon!



  1. I totally remember Hydrolators and although I am a child of the 80’s and love the /”good old days” (*cough* Horizons *cough*) I enjoy the Nemo ride and Turtle Talk much, much more.

    • I like The Seas with Nemo too but can you believe I’ve never actually seen Turtle Talk with Crush? *Gasp* 😮 Thanks for reading!

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