Happy Birthday Tower of Terror!

It’s actually MY birthday too, but I decided “Happy Birthday to Me” didn’t sound as cool! I only realized that I shared my birthday with the anniversary of WDW’s Tower of Terror a couple of years ago and I was really excited to find that information out! Tower of Terror is one of my favorite attractions at Walt Disney World! Too bad I can’t ride it on my birthday this year, but you best believe that it is on my Disney Bucket List! Speaking of which, I’m organizing my Disney Bucket list for a future post! Cross your fingers that I don’t wait over a month to post about that! 🙂

In other news, I finally found a job. Ok, that might not count as news, but let’s just call it my life’s news! Anyway, it’s not my ideal job and it has horrible hours and crappy pay, but at least it’s a job! On the bright side, the company has a location in Orlando so I can possibly transfer in the future! That would be awesome, if only to get me to Orlando and give me time to find another job there!

Let me jump back on track….Tower of Terror officially opened July 22, 1994. Over the years, the ride has basically stayed the same with the number of times you are dropped being one of the most noticeable changes. Now, a computer generates a random drop sequence each time! For those of you that refuse to ride ToT because you don’t trust being “dropped,” have no fear! Ummm, well have less fear? The ride elevator is actually pulled down rather than actually being dropped! This is a must do ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and is a park favorite! Check out a lot more Tower of Terror info at TowerOfTerror.org which is where I found most of the info in my post!

It’s almost 4am my time, so I guess I will get some sleep before getting up for my low key birthday festivities!

See Ya Real Soon!


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