Kick Me While I’m Down (but not really)

Ok, that title is slightly over exaggerated. Sure, I still have no job, I can’t realistically go to Disney in December even if I found a job right away, and my car is on the fritz. But amazingly, I haven’t been happier in months! I suffer from anxiety and for almost a year now I was having anxiety attacks 3-5 times a month. But since I got fired, I’ve found myself looking at life a little differently and pursuing my dreams and that has really relaxed me! I haven’t had an anxiety attack for a little over a month now! (I don’t take meds for my panic attacks, so this is an awesome thing for me!)

Anyway, the reason for the title of this post is because Disney keeps sending me awesome PINs via email and in snail mail with offers of 30% savings on their resort hotels and/or free dining! It’s like they’re taunting me! “Come on! Use the vacation fund for VACATION! Look at these incredible savings!” It makes me want to go sit in the corner, in the fetal position, stroking my hair, chanting “I can’t go yet, I can’t go yet, I can’t go yet…” Ok, not really, because I can’t see my laptop from there…with all of the pretty pictures of Disney World, and Carsland, and Art of Animation. And no, I can’t take the laptop with me to the corner. I don’t like to put it on the floor ever since “the incident” occurred. (Don’t ask)

I guess since Disney has no idea what’s going on in my life to begin with, they aren’t trying to kick me while I’m down. I just hate to see a great PIN go to waste! I also hate that I won’t be able to go to on another Disney trip until 2013. Oh well, I’m lucky that I’ve ever been able to go to Disney World at all! Ok, by now I’m sure you’ve all noticed that this post is going no where fast, so I’ll end your misery and wrap this up! I’ll be back soon with a post that actually has some relevance and/or helpful information about Disney Parks!

See Ya Real Soon!



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