Super Saturdays: I Will Like this Place Forever

Since I lost my job just a few days ago, I have been looking for another job and paying ahead on a few bills, etc. so that I don’t feel so stressed out about the situation. I decided to put any thought of another Disney World vacation on the back burner for a bit so that I can focus on finding a new job.

Today I was cleaning out the bag my 9 year old son, Zethan, brought home on the last day of school this past Thursday and I ran across something that brought tears to my eyes. Ok, that is actually a bit understated. I completely broke down into full blown crying. It’s a “bonus” passage that the kids in his class could write to get extra points when they had a reading or spelling test. They write about pretty much anything they want to as long as it meets the teacher’s length requirements.

Combined with the fact that I have just lost my job, this made me emotional because I rarely hear my sons talk about liking Walt Disney World with anyone other than me and their cousins!

Here’s how Zethan’s passage reads:

"I was watching TV in the living room. It was sunny outside. Then 
 my mom said we are going to Disney World. So we all got our things
 and left. We got in the car and drove for 2 days. Then we got 
 there. We were all happy.

 We were all at Disney World and then we found our room. The number
 was 159, that number is my favorite. We went into the room. It had
 a TV, 2 beds, and cool chairs.

 We went to a ride called rock and roller coaster. It was fun. We 
 rode in a car. Then we got off and went to a different ride. It
 was awesome. It was about dinosaurs.

 At last we went to this ride called test track. We all got into a 
 car and the car moved on its own. It drove us slow then fast. It 
 was cool. The car drove us outside the ride. It went as fast as a
 race car.

 Being at Disney world was fun. I will like this place for ever."

He didn’t remember our actual room number  from March 2012 but our 2011 room number at Pop Century was 6169 so I think he was remembering that. I love that he highlighted his favorite rides! Finding this today made this a Super Saturday for me!

See Ya Real Soon!


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