Terminated, canned, fired, whatever you wan to call it, it happened to me. Yesterday.  😐

I’ve never been fired from a job ever! Umm, before now, that is. The beautiful irony of the situation is that I wanted to quit this same job a few months ago and I was encouraged by a supervisor to stick it out and stay. Since I didn’t already have another job lined up, I took the supervisor’s advice, only to have them fire me for the same problem I realized I was having back then.

I thought I would be more upset about this entire situation, but I’m only upset that this leaves my December Walt Disney World trip in limbo while I look for another job and decide what to do. Luckily I have enough money to live on for about 3 months in case I have trouble getting a new job, but if I decide to go ahead and completely cancel my WDW trip, I can add that money to the “emergency fund.”

The realist in me says this is the thing to do. The carefree side of me says “Oh no! You did that once before and ended up regretting it!” When I was laid off/displaced from my photography studio job because the studio went out of business, I reluctantly cancelled my original Disney World vacation and then ended up doing a short 3 day, off-site trip. I totally regretted it because as it turned out, I was financially ok to have still done the 7 day trip and still pay all of my bills. So since I know I can make it for a minimum of 3 months even if I still plan on going on my trip, I am leaning towards keeping my trip plans.

The thing is that I would have to nix the renting DVC points idea so that I can book a reservation that I can cancel later without inconveniencing a DVC owner and/or losing any money in the process. Ugh….what should I do? Who knew getting fired would cause such a Disney dilemma!

See Ya Real Soon!


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