Too Much Disney Magic?

Late last year, my mom had a conversation with the man I was dating at the time in which she was trying to explain to him why our family has always loved Walt Disney World. Yes, this man is one of the “You’re going again?” type of people. He’s been one time to WDW and though his daughter loved it, his mentality is “Been There, Done That” and he doesn’t think it warrants multiple visits. This is one of the many reasons why that relationship didn’t work out. Ok, that’s neither here nor there and I’m straying from my point.

While I was listening to my mom talk about all of the trips she made to WDW with me and my sister, I was smiling and thinking about how all of those trips over the years formed great memories and my love (and fabulous obsession!) with Disney World. But my mom threw me for a loop when she finished up her Disney Fairytale by saying that the magic has worn off for her and my dad. I looked at her like she had just admitted to having kidnapped me from my real parents when I was a baby. I thought she and my dad just didn’t go anymore because they have knee problems and have trouble standing and walking these days (and my mom refuses to use an ECV). But nope, she said she’s just had too much Disney Magic. My dad just doesn’t enjoy riding anything anymore and figures it doesn’t make sense for him to pay for a ticket to just sit on a bench or search out the Designated Smoking Areas.

I’ve only had a few moments in which I wondered to myself whether I will one day grow weary of my Happy Place and feel that I’ve had too much Disney Magic. Really, I can’t see that happening any time soon! I’m in my late 30s and my obsession has actually grown stronger over the past 2 years than it has ever been. Like many other true, red-blooded Disney fanatics, I have daydreamed about moving to the Orlando area and being able to get that coveted Florida resident annual pass and hitting the parks any time that I am able! Would this eventually cause a shift in my Disney-Space continuum and kill the magic for me? I really doubt it! I just don’t believe there can be too much Disney Magic!

See Ya Real Soon!


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