I Said I’d Never…..

There are actually several Disney related things that I used to say I’d never do. For instance, when I was 17 I vowed to never wear a Disney character shirt again. When Disney’s PhotoPass Service began, I said I’d never purchase any pictures or even use the service. After having the “free” quick service dining plan, I said I’d never pay for the dining plan. Well, 20 years later, I have started wearing Disney character shirts, I have purchased the pre-order PhotoPass CD, and though I haven’t paid for the Disney Dining Plan yet, I totally plan to do so for my next Walt Disney World trip!

I used to think wearing a Disney character shirt was way too geeky (even though I had no issues wearing Looney Tunes shirts….I’m not sure what my logic on this was), and I always thought it was a waste of money to have the WDW photographers take pictures with the entire family. I love the convenience of the quick service dining plan, but the cost of buying it used to be way more than paying out of pocket for my picky eating family. Now, I’m all for being a big Disney geek! And the Photopass CD just gives me way better pictures of me and my boys than those random kind strangers have ever taken. As for the dining plan? Well now that my kids eat more (not more variety, just more of the same fast food that they like), I realized that buying the QSDP will work out better for us!

The more I think about it, seems like a lot of Disney and non-Disney related things that I swore I would never do ended up happening suddenly and unexpectedly. All I can say now is…..

I will NEVER EVER marry Orlando Bloom!

I will NOT EVER allow Johnny Depp to take me to dinner! Nope!

And I REFUSE to EVER let Adam Levine take me up in Characters in Flight and sing to me!

Forget about it guys!  🙂

See Ya real Soon!


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