The Other Plan

My sister purports to be a huge WDW fan, but she’s just not obsessed like I am. She said I am “out of control” with my obsession. She enjoyed going with me and my kids for our June 2011 trip, and her 3 kids LOVED it! That makes me happy because I love that they got to go at an age old enough to really enjoy it and remember it! Her kids want to go back in 2013 (they already have a trip to Colorado planned for this Summer) but my sister and her husband think I should take a non-Disney vacation in 2013 with them. She wants us all to go to the Bahamas. Not a cruise, just flying there… I’m not much of one to want to do a cruise but I immediately suggested I could look into a Disney Cruise but she stopped me and said, “I said a NON-DISNEY vacation!”

I looked at her blankly for what seemed liked an hour before I said I’d think about it. And by think about it, I meant figure out if my kids would even enjoy a Bahamas vacation AND how I work that into my budget since there’s no way I’m completely skipping Disney World for an entire calendar year. After my December trip this year, I don’t like the idea of not going to Disney until the Summer of 2014. I’m not sure I can swing PTO in December again for 2013, so now I have this other zany plan to either reject or comply with. I had a small Disney panic attack thinking about the other plan…

Considering I have to get me and my kids passports, airfare and all for the Bahamas trip, seems the money would be better spent going to Disneyland and visiting my best friend who lives in California. I don’t mind going somewhere non-Disney as long as I can still have my Disney vacation when I want.

I can’ think about that today, I’ll think about that tomorrow! (Channeling Scarlett O’Hara from my favorite movie of all time!)

See Ya Real Soon!


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