Where Has the Time Gone?

Wow! It’s been way too long since I’ve checked in here! I have had so much going on! First of all, I did not even make Round 2 this year for the Disney World Moms Panel. I was remarkably ok with it though. Last year I made it to Round 2 but when I was sent my rejection email saying that I was not selected to move on to Round 3, I actually cried and moped around like it was the end of my Disney world. I snapped out of if a couple of days later. But this year I wasn’t very upset that I didn’t even make the initial cut. Moms Panel or not, I still love Disney World and continue to use my knowledge to plan trips for me and my kids as well as other people!

I also started a different work schedule around the last time that I posted and that is part of what accounts for my lack of posting. Between work, kids, and now going back to school again, I was overwhelmed and under rested…..Under rested….not under arrest! Just pointing that out. 🙂

Anyway, I was upset a few weeks ago because my PTO request at work for the time of in May/June for may Walt Disney World trip was DECLINED and I couldn’t get any where close to an entire week off for my trip all Summer! I was not happy! I took a shot and tried to see if I could get the week of our Spring Break off and luckily that was approved! YES! I literally have not taken my kids somewhere during the entire week of Spring Break since…..umm….gee….I don’t think we’ve EVER gone somewhere for more than 2 days during Spring Break! I super excited because it should be great weather in Florida in March and I get to have my WDW fix a few months earlier than originally expected! Woo hoo!


One down side of going so soon is that I don’t have as much time to prepare and plan like I usually do. I want to do some new things this trip and since we will be driving (airfare this far out is about $2000 and so far there hasn’t been any deals that make it cheaper than driving) I am trying to fit in some time shopping off site. Also, I was planning a 10 day trip in May/June but now we’ll only have 6 days in March since we have to have the extra days to drive there and back. Oh well! 6 days in Disney World is better than none!


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