One of Those Days

Today was a horrible, terrible day at work! Ok….maybe I’m  over exaggerating a little. Ummmm, ok I’m over exaggerating A LOT. Mostly, I woke up late and had to get a ride to work because my car was getting repaired. I just didn’t feel like being at work, but my bills don’t pay themselves! And neither do my Disney World vacations! I was distracted at work because I kept calculating how much I need to save to have a 14 day stay at WDW next year. Then that turned into 20 days, a month, taking a 2 month leave of absence and spending it all in Florida. Yes, I seriously contemplate these things. But no, I’ve got a strong enough grip on reality that I don’t really believe that I can spend 2 months not working so that I can spend it leisurely walking the fabulously magical parks of Walt Disney World……day after day…..sigh……Hmmm, I DO have 2 quarterly bonuses I can earn before then…..  🙂


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