Don’t You Hate It…..

….when real life interferes with your obsession? I do! I’ve had so much going on the past few days that I haven’t had hardly any time at all to connect with my favorite Disney related forums and web sites! When my life gets stressful, I use social media to unwind. Let’s face it, daydreaming of Disney World is an awesome way to relax!

I also hate it when I feel like I haven’t accomplished enough in a day or by the end of the week. Even though I admit to spending a lot of time planning for my WDW vacations, I also know I have non-Disney goals and plans. (I know, it’s hard to believe that there’s actually such a thing…) I’ve got to work a little harder to meet some of those goals over the next month. Disney actuallymotivates me to work towards some of those goals. I’ve been trying to get more exercise and eat healthier so that I can lose weight, and I tend to look at a bigger picture by telling myself that being in shape will help me when I get to Disney World!! Ok, well I’ve got to get back to some of my real life chores so that I can sit down and read some WDW trip reports before bed time. 🙂


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