Weekends Are for Disney

I love weekends, especially when I have the weekend off from work! Either way, I usually spend lots of time on my fave Disney related boards, groups, and other wise spending time connecting with new and existing Walt Disney World obsessed people like myself! If I lived in the Orlando area, I’d spend as many weekends as possible at one of the Disney World Parks. Today I invited my twin nieces and my nephew over so my kids can visit and play with them. One of my nieces loves to look through Disney Park pictures with me and ask me questions about Disney World! I’m hoping my sister decides to go to WDW again in 2012 with us! I’ve been plotting and planning and I think I’ve figured out how to manage enough time off from work to have atleast a 10 day trip. I want to still try for 2 weeks but I won’t know until January if that will be possible. Ok, well it’s time for me to get back to relaxing and reading some trip reports on DISboards! Check back for another post later today after my Random Things post!


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