I live in Texas. (Hi Y’all!!) This figures in to why me and my kids only visit Walt Disney World once a year. It’s a 2 day road trip, and airfare isn’t cheap!! Like any good Disney World obsessed person, I plan my actual trip detail by detail, but I also like to plan out and price my “Imaginary” trips too! You know, where I price and plan what a trip would cost if I could go at other times of the year! Ever since my kids began school (several years ago), we only go when school is out for the year. I’d LOVE to go in December! I’ve visited WDW in January, May, June, July, August, September and October. October is probably my favorite month to go so far!

I keep saying that any year now I’ll plan on going during my kids’ Christmas break from school, but my oldest son told me last year that he’d rather not go in December and have a 2 week stay in late May/early June. My youngest said that sounds good to him although he said 30 days would be better!! From the mouth of babes!!! I wish we could stay for 30 days! I honestly don’t think it would be too long or bother us at all to be there that long! We could take our time and do so much! I have to admit, I’ve entertained the idea. If we got APs (Annual Passes- for you newbies) and stayed off site. I prefer staying on Disney property, but if it meant a 30 day stay, I’d definitely stay offsite!  Ok, ok….back to reality now! I’ve got tons of things to get done today so I guess I’ll get my Disney fix by listening to MagicalMouseRadio.com while I work!


About Shandale

I’m a Disney obsessed mom of two! I love connecting with fellow Disney fans and talking about the important things in life….Disney World, runDisney races, and future Walt Disney World trip planning! Live, Love, Disney!

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