Avatar at Disney Parks

I TRY not to focus on Disney World when I’m at work. I really do! For the most part, my job is pretty involved and I can’t really let my mind wander. During my breaks and my lunch I go hit up all of my regular Disney online hang outs (like Disboards.com, TheDisneyDrivenLife.com and The Disney Parks Blog) to get my Disney fix and connect to other WDW fans. So of course, I read today on various sites about how the fantasy world of Avatar is coming to Walt Disney World!! How awesome is that??!! If you somehow haven’t heard about this, you can read about it on the Disney Parks Blog by clicking HERE. I enjoyed the movie Avatar, so I fully expect to enjoy whatever they create at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! One of the reasons I love going to Disney World year after year is because there’s always something new for me and my kids to see!

What are your thoughts on this Disney/Avatar collaboration? Are you confused? Excited? Couldn’t care less? Let me know what you think.


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