Wil Run for Disney4 weeks from today I will be running my first half marathon.

It was crazy enough when I even began running and did my first ever runDisney race in May at the Expedition Everest Challenge. I really didn’t think I’d go ahead and progress from that 5k to a half marathon. And I certainly didn’t think I’d want to also do a half marathon at Disneyland later this year in order to get my runDisney Coast to Coast medal.

I’ve had numerous people invite me to do non-Disney races closer to home and less expensive than runDisney, but I ONLY got serious about running in order to do runDisney races. Since I was too late to register for the final Expedition Everest Challenge and the Tower of Terror 10 miler was axed for this year, I don’t think I’ll be doing any other races besides the Princess Half Marathon and whichever Disneyland half that I decided on.

I have to admit I’m both excited and nervous. I still have to do run/walk/run intervals because otherwise my knee starts hurting after the first few miles. My goal is just to finish! I know I can do it but I’m still slightly nervous.

I’m also trying to plan better so that I can get my trip report for this weekend documented and posted on here in a timely manner (and actually finish it…unlike the previous trip report). Aside from my first half marathon, there will be several other firsts for me on this short trip!

I’m even more excited that shortly after the half marathon trip, I’m finally having my family vacation trip with my kids! There’s just lots going on for me this year that I never would have thought I’d be doing in my life! Like they say on Carousel of Progress, there’s a great big, beautiful tomorrow!
Crazy. ;)

See Ya Real Soon!

The Frozen Invasion

If any of you have been to my YouTube channel, you might have seen this video about my thoughts on the Frozen ride that is taking the place of the now closed and gone Maelstrom ride in the Norway Pavilion of Epcot’s World Showcase. And if you’ve seen the video, then you’ll know that I liked Frozen, I’m just not super duper pumped about the new ride being placed there. In fact, I’m increasingly less excited about seeing Frozen themed stuff every time I turn around.

I liked the movie, I sing the songs, I even waited in line at Disney World during the Expedition Everest Challenge race weekend in May to meet Ana and Elsa (crap…I still need to finish that trip/race report :/ ). But Frozen has been incorporated in so many areas of Disney Parks and apparently everything else in life that I’m feeling like the icy walls are closing in on me.

Elsa has been lighting up Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom this season, this year’s Disney Parks parade was turned into the Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration (and featured very little parade…), and even the upcoming Princess Half Marathon has lots of Frozen flare. Check out the medals for the 2015 races:

Photo from the Disney Parks website.

Photo from the Disney Parks website.

Frozen water…wait, that would make it ice, right?

Aside from the bazillion and a half Frozen themed clothing items, games, toys and housewares available, there’s also stuff like Frozen duct tape and even bottled water. Two days ago I went to buy my usual 24 pack of bottled water to find that the only packs available with 24 or more bottles were these:

My 16 year old took one look and started to ask, “Why did you get-” but I quickly cut him off and said “Let it go!” He wasn’t as amused as I was….they never are. :P

I suppose I need to just get used to this Frozen phenomenon. As popular as this movie has been, Disney will ride the money coat tails as long as they can. Again I say, I liked Frozen. It just doesn’t have to be in EVERYTHING! If they manage to incorporate some Frozen characters or references into The Walking Dead…well, ok that actually would make me giggle!

See Ya Real Soon!


Disney Jinxing Myself

Our MagicBands for the trip I cancelled. :/

Our MagicBands for the trip I cancelled. :(

I’m supposed to be all packed and preparing to leave for my first ever December trip to Walt Disney World. I’ve even got our Magicbands ready to go! But, turns out my first ever December trip is not going to be in 2014. (Womp womp…)

Yeah, remember all of my talk about not cancelling, gonna suck it up and make it work, blah blah, yada yada and whatever else I said about this trip? Well, I ended up postponing my trip AGAIN. I’m super sick and tired of this recent theme of postponing our family trip. So now I think I’ll just surprise everyone with when I’m actually going next. Mostly because I think I jinx myself by posting about when I’m going.  Actually….I’m 99.9% sure I’ll tell you all when I am going. Let’s be real, I can’t keep that kind of information to myself. On the bright side, even though I cancelled the December trip, Disney still sent me the Magicbands meant for the trip. I’m assuming they were already made and ready to get shipped and just got sent anyway. Not sure how that works. They mailed them about 4 days after I cancelled.

And since 2 of my amazing Disney friends are travel agents, I’ll be using them to book and help me with my next Disney World vacation planning! This is a big deal for me because I’ve never used a travel agent. I’m a control freak, especially about my Disney trips, but I’ve decided to walk on the wild side. Heaven help Tina and Don with having to deal with me! I’m Disney Obsessed and overall insane. °O°

If you want help planning your next Disney (or other destination) vacation, let me know so that I can point you in the direction of Tina and Don! They’ll have their Facebook page up soon, so I’ll post that soon!

In other news, the Princess Half Marathon is so close I can smell it! Or maybe that’s my running gear… I promise to document it and do better than my previous Race Report that still isn’t finished. :/

See Ya Real Soon!

New Video! Annoying Things People Do at Disney World

Disney World is magical, but sometimes these annoying things people do can make it seem less magical.

My Disney Crisis

Ok…stuff just got real. I’ll just cut to the chase. I’m thinking of staying off site for my upcoming Disney World trip in December.

Yes, you read that right. I, the on site snob, am thinking of staying OFF SITE. Who am I anymore?

You might not have even known that I have a trip coming up December and I haven’t posted on my poor, neglected little blog in so long that I don’t even remember if I mentioned it in a previous post. And quite frankly, I’m not going back to reread any posts to see if I did. I’ve got this off site crisis brewing and like Sweet Brown said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

I already know the haters and the naysayers will tell me to simply cancel my trip. But let’s be real….that’s not gonna happen. What IS gonna happen is I’m gonna think about this, and think about this, then make a plan, then make another plan, then not do either plan because I’d rather stay on site, then I’m gonna karate chop the negative stuff in the neck and then tell myself YOLO! (You Only Love On-site). Viva La Disney! °O°

On a side note, I can’t get my May trip pictures to upload from my camera. So that trip/race report is gonna finish fast and dirty and without pictures. Sorry, you guys!

See Ya Real Soon!

New Video! Disney Hoarding

I’m working on getting back to posting regularly (and finishing my long overdue updates to my Trip/Race report), but in the meantime, enjoy my newest YouTube video about my long time obsession with keeping things from my Disney World trips over the years!

See Ya Real Soon!

Nope, Not a Race/Trip Report Update


Ok, so this post probably should be an update to my race/trip report for the Expedition Everest Challenge, but it’s not…. But this is so exciting that I had to share!

One of my long time friends (one of my BFFs since Junior High!) texted me last night after she saw my Facebook post reminding my Disney running friends that registration for the Princess Half Marathon opens on July 15th. Well, turns out that she wants to run it with me!! WOO HOO!! This is awesome to me not only because she’s one of my besties, but also because after much struggle to lose weight, she had a gastric sleeve procedure done and is making big strides towards losing the weight and changing her lifestyle to keep it off! She’s just starting out with running so she’ll be walking first then beginning a training program soon!

I’m stoked! We’ve been trying to plan a trip together to Walt Disney World for a couple of years and now I get to share my Happy Place AND my runDisney passion with one of my lifetime best friends! I cried last night when she told me about how she’s on a mission and when I saw how determined she is. Crud…I’m crying NOW! Tears of joy, of course! I’m just so overwhelmed with joy that so many things in my own life and the lives of my friends are going so well!

I’m even more pumped about my first runDisney Half Marathon now! I have a feeling  some more friends (new and old) will all be at the Princess Half Marathon weekend and it’s just gonna be FREAKING AWESOME! :D

See Ya Real Soon!

Trip/Race Report- Part 3

moreAnnnnnddd, I’m back! I really need to stop waiting so long in between posts because I start to forget details of my trip. And no, I didn’t make any notes. Bad me….

Anywho, if you missed the first two installments of my trip/race report, you can find
Part 1 HERE
Part 2 HERE

Ok, so on Saturday morning, Shari and I woke up bright and early so that we could make it to the Magic Kingdom at rope drop (park opening). We made a stop by the front desk to check again for the package that my friend Deb had left for us. It was supposed to have been delivered to our room the night before but it never arrived. A Cast Member located the bag for us and once we got it we made our way to the bus stop for Magic Kingdom. Deb’s gift bag was loaded with yummy snacks and some Disney’s Hollywood Studios 25th Anniversary commemorative items! Deb is awesome!

It was raining once again so I made sure to take my umbrella. Turns out Shari isn’t a fan of people like me carrying umbrellas in the parks…hee hee. But while we stood waiting for the park to open, I started getting tired of holding the umbrella up. On my last trip, it didn’t rain enough for me to have to hold the umbrella for a long time and I didn’t really think about that when I opted to take my umbrella and leave all of my rain ponchos at home. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was going to be raining all day and I knew I wasn’t gonna want to tote the stupid umbrella around all day. So, despite the fact that I had more than one poncho at home (and I really didn’t want to add to that collection), I went ahead and got both of us Disney Parks rain ponchos. It was raining too much for them to do the opening ceremony that includes characters, the Walt Disney World Railroad and a Family of the Day, so I took some photos while we waited to get into Magic Kingdom.


Yep, a Magic Kingdom selfie…



Waiting to get in, while those with breakfast reservations were getting in early.

As the time drew near for Magic Kingdom to open, Shari and I began discussing making a change to what we were going to ride or do first. Honestly, I don’t even remember what we originally were gonna do first, but since we were pretty much in the beginning of the line for rope drop, we made a last minute decision to head to the new Princess Fairytale Hall to meet Elsa and Anna from Frozen! It’s  been a few trips since I have stood in line to meet any characters, and since I know that my boys are not EVER gonna want to meet Anna and Elsa (it was torture to them when I made them go with me to meet Cinderella, Belle, Aurora and Snow White) I figured this was probably the only time that I’ll meet them. So off we went with the mad crowd of people hoping to get in line without waiting 600 minutes.

Keep in mind that I’m a rope drop gal. I usually get to the Disney Parks before rope drop or very shortly after, but even when I’ve been at Magic Kingdom early and near the beginning of the pack, we’ve never really went with the masses trying to get to whatever popular rides. So once we began getting led in to the park and towards Princess Fairytale Hall, I was reminded of why I plan and avoid the crazy rush of people…


And here’s the video I posted to my Facebook timeline that morning:

No one was trying to run (from what I saw) but there were some cranky people vying for position after we were stopped at yet another rope right before the Cast Members opened Fantasyland and led the crowd to where the line began for Elsa and Anna. It’s crazy that we were nearly first in line back at the Magic Kingdom entrance but by the time we got to the queue, there were probably more than 150 people ahead of us and was already a 300 minute wait posted! I’ve decided that they automatically have the wait time listed high so that people anticipate waiting…

So this is where things got kind of cray cray for a while. There were people who had sent that ONE member of their party to get in line for Elsa and Anna only to figure out that the Cast Members were tightly(ish) enforcing the rule that your entire party had to be together in line upon entering said line. There would be none of that one person holding a spot for a group of 10! This worked for the most part, and we heard some choice words from the people who were told they could not summon the rest of their party past hundreds of others to get in line with them.

About 5-10 minutes into our wait, Shari and I discussed how we aren’t big on waiting in lines and this long 30 minutes we’d already been waiting was torture. But then we look at the time and realized it had been less than 10 minutes since we got into the line. Impatient much?? YES!! We ended up waiting a total of about an hour and 20 minutes to meet Elsa and Anna (and Aurora, but who cared about her at this moment…right?). It’s been a while since I waited over an hour for a ride at Disney World, and I don’t plan on doing that again any time soon…

Inside Fairytale Princess Hall

Inside Fairytale Princess Hall

Cinderella's Glass Slipper!

Cinderella’s Glass Slipper!

Me with Anna and Elsa!

Me with Anna and Elsa!

I actually took several other pictures with my video camera while we waited but I moved a couple of weeks ago and I can’t figure out where I put that camera. Whomp whomp… :/ I enjoyed meeting these characters! They were awesome! But now it was time to move on to the next thing….and as soon as I recall what that was, I’ll post about it!

See Ya Real Soon!

Trip/Race Report- Part 2


It’s time for part 2 of my Expedition Everest Challenge trip/race report!

Now that your applause has died down, let me tell all of you who may not have read Part 1 that you can find part 1

And on with Part 2!

Ok, so after eating at La Cantina de San Angel in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot, Maria, Shari and I headed to get a treat for dessert at Karamell-Küche in the Germany pavilion. Maria and I each got a bag of caramel popcorn and Shari got a caramel rice crispy treat. Or maybe it had caramel and chocolate on it. I don’t exactly remember…so for the sake of this trip report, I’m gonna say it had both caramel and chocolate. What I DO remember is that my popcorn was insanely delicious! It was still raining but neither rain nor shine was gonna keep us from riding some rides! Wait…shine would have been better…so that totally made no sense, but you get what I meant.

Yummy treats at Karamell Kuche. Picture from because my phone was already dead before we got to Epcot.

Yummy treats at Karamell Kuche! Picture from because my phone was already dead before we got to Epcot.

With treats in hand, we made our way back towards Test Track. Epcot wasn’t all that busy (probably because of the rain. But this makes for one of the best times to be in the Disney Parks!). As we got closer, we realized that the attraction wasn’t in operation. We already knew that this was a big possibility since it was raining, but we thought we’d try anyway. Since Test Track was gonna be a no-go, we headed towards the opposite side of Future World to see what we could ride. This late in the evening we didn’t even try to see if we could select a Fastpass+. But like I said, it wasn’t crazy busy and really we were just finding some attractions to ride until we left the park so after some quick assessments of wait times, we decide to go to The Seas With Nemo and Friends.

After we found Nemo, we headed to The Land pavilion so that we could get on Soarin’. This is a favorite of mine and luckily the wait wasn’t very long. I’d never waited in the Standby queue for Soarin’ so I had no idea that there was the wall with an interactive game. It was in this moment that I realized what a Fastpass snob I really am! Hee hee… We got onto Soarin’ even faster because several of the groups ahead of us were more than 3 people and it so happened that a party of 3 was needed to fill the next flight! While we waited through the pre-show and got instructions on how to enter the flight room, a girl with her boyfriend in the row next to us suddenly stopped to ask us if we’d been on the ride before and did we like it. Turns out she’s afraid of heights. Her boy friend was comforting her and telling her it was gonna be alright. We, however were like…”Uhhhhh…well…” and we told her how we love the ride but yeah, she might have issues if she’s afraid of heights. Her boyfriend seemed intent on her riding, so on she went. We kept an ear out for her screams, but she ended up relaxing during the flight and she actually ended up enjoying it! It’s always fun to see someone enjoy themselves when they were apprehensive in the beginning of a ride!

Oh look! Another picture that was not from this trip. What a surprise...

Oh look! Another picture that was not from this trip. What a surprise…

Once we were done with Soarin’, we went ahead and got on Living With the Land. Here was another first for me! I mean, I’ve been on Living With the Land half a bazillion times, but I’d never been on it at night. It was different to see the greenhouse under the night sky. I loved it! Around now is when we discussed how Maria had been at work all day, had to work in the morning, and how Shari and I needed some rest to be up early for rope drop the next morning. But first, we had to ride Spaceship Earth! It’s a Must Do for all of us! The relaxing and slow-moving ride made me even more tired so once we were done, we made our way back to Pop Century. Maria drove us back and we headed to our room to rest up for what the next day had in store! And I’m not even talking about the race yet! :D

See Ya Real Soon!

Expedition Everest Challenge Weekend- Trip/Race Report Part 1


Now that it’s been almost 3 weeks since my first runDisney event, I suppose I’ll post my race weekend trip report!

Our story begins when I arrived at MCO airport and met my running teammate Shari! We had some technical difficulties finding each other in the airport. I called her and I’m all like “I’m standing right in front of the Disney Store!” And then she was all, “Really? Cuz I’M standing right in front of the Disney Store!” So after a few minutes of me turning circles and looking at all possibilities of folk walking near the Disney Store, we played some phone Marco Polo and finally found one another. All I can say is: Dear MCO Airport, please stop having so many Disney Store locations…. :/

Shari rented a car so instead of me taking Disney’s Magical Express to Pop Century, she drove us there. We planned to just drive straight to ESPN Wide World of Sports to pick up our race packets before checking in to our room, but since we passed Pop Century first we decided to go ahead and park the car and use the Disney transportation to head to the race Expo. It had already been raining when we left the airport and it was still raining on the bus ride to the expo. This bit of information didn’t seem to trigger my mind to get the umbrella out of my suitcase before we left the car, so on the walk from the area that the bus driver dropped us off at to the entrance of ESPN WWoS we got a bit soggy.

The only usable picture I got at the race expo. It's a wall that participants could sign their names on!

The only usable picture I got at the race expo. It’s a wall that participants could sign their names on!

The expo wasn’t very big, I guess the rain prompted some of the vendors not to even set up their tents. It didn’t take us long to see all that there was to offer (which really wasn’t much), then we decided to leave. Shari contacted our friend Maria who picked us up and after making a stop at Maria’s apartment, we checked into our Room at Pop Century and then headed to Epcot to get something for dinner.

Let me take a moment to explain why there aren’t many pictures in this trip report. I had big plans to do an Instagram trip report during race weekend! I totally planned to flood my followers’ feeds with fabulously filtered and bordered pictures from Walt Disney World all weekend including some of me and Shari during the Expedition Everest Challenge itself…but my phone had other plans. From the moment I got off of the plane in Orlando, my phone decided it was it’s vacation too and it would not hold a charge to save its life! There aren’t many pictures from this weekend because my phone died quite frequently during this trip. I took my video camera too but it takes crappy stills. But I’ll post what video I managed to get once I get it all edited together. In the meantime, continue reading my trip report which contains almost no photos. :/

Once we arrived at Epcot, I used my MagicBand for the very first time!! Now, I had months and months of ups and downs thinking about whether or not I was gonna hate wearing a MagicBand. I WILL say that it didn’t fit quite right. The shape was just so that it didn’t really sit right on my wrist. Shari had the same issue so it’s not like I just have weird wrists. Or maybe Shari just has weird wrists too.

First on our agenda for Epcot was to get something to eat. After I doused Shari’s hopes and dreams by nixing the idea to get fish and chips from the UK pavilion (because I don’t eat fish), we decided on La Cantina de San Angel in the Mexico pavilion. Maria and Shari had the nachos and I got the Tacos de Pollo. Mexican food is my favorite, and my chicken tacos where pretty darn good! Oh yeah, I got a Lime Pomegranate Frozen Tequila Mojito too. That was really good!

Once we finished our meals, Shari suggested we go get a sweet treat from one of her favorite places! I’ll tell you all about it in my next post! Here’s a hint: You’ll see “Werther” or not I bought a yummy treat too! ;)

See Ya Real Soon!